Style Me – Rainbow Dash

[mlp wiki] Rainbow Dash is a character that can make you love her or rub you the wrong way. When I first started watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I felt that her character wasn’t that great because she was brash and didn’t consider others. Much better in the newer seasons but she was self-centered. What I do like about Rainbow Dash is that she is … Continue reading Style Me – Rainbow Dash

Style Me- Pinkie Pie

[deviantart] Okay, at first, I didn’t like Pinkie Pie but the more I watched the show, I realized that Pinkie is my sister, exactly. What My Little Pony does is that it exaggerates traits in people and evokes that kind of trait to teach lessons and Pinkie is really about having fun and making sure to make as many friends as possible, basically an extrovert. … Continue reading Style Me- Pinkie Pie

Style Me – Twilight Sparkle

[herowiki] Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony is smart and makes friendship her goal to keep the peace in Equestria. I love that Twilight is a character that still holds true to who she is even when others think otherwise. I know that My Little Pony can be seen as a children’s show but watching it as a 22 year old, it reminds me of practices/ideals/ to keep in … Continue reading Style Me – Twilight Sparkle

Style Me – Big Macintosh

[allegro] YEP. Big Macintosh is from the show My Little Pony and you will probably be seeing more pony characters in the future. Right now though, this colt is one of the most endearing characters on the show because he literally only says “YEP”. There have been a couple of episodes where he says more but he usually sticks to his one word. He is the … Continue reading Style Me – Big Macintosh

Puzzles and Dragons and My Little Pony

If you have any Apple product and you love video games, you should try these games. Puzzles and Dragons, a game my brother introduced me to, is a very fun and interesting game that involves a battle system that is easy after you go through the tutorial stages and then an awesome bejeweled attack system. I love the game so far and it has been … Continue reading Puzzles and Dragons and My Little Pony