Let’s Review: Inside Out

Warning you now, there will be spoilers… So, Inside Out, a movie all about emotions…having emotions. I think that the idea is great, how our minds really grow and feel these things. Our core memories are the ones we often look back on, they hit the mark. What I think they totally missed upon was making Sadness the most annoying, character. Sadness would have been great … Continue reading Let’s Review: Inside Out

Style Me – Tiana

[disney wiki] I love that Tiana is a hard working girl like the most of us and she is just trying to fulfill her dreams. I also love the music and love story, though kind of been-there-done-that, and vibe. Not to mention that the roaring twenties were some rebellious years for citizens. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/334673816030169813/ Tiana wears color but in muted tones so I thought that this … Continue reading Style Me – Tiana

Let’s Review: The Giver

[teaser-trailer] Before I get started, this whole month in the Fleeting Mermaid Section will be movie/show reviews so I hope that you are excited! Okay, The Giver is something that I was expecting to be like The Hunger Games or Divergent but it wasn’t. I was surprised and slightly disappointed with what happened and this is just based off of the movie since I have never read the book. The movie … Continue reading Let’s Review: The Giver

Style Me – Rose Hathaway

[Alice Marvels] Rose is absolutely my favorite character from my favorite book series, Vampire Academy. Zoey Deutch portrayed Rose Hathaway and although she was not the most ideal in looks, she made up for all of that with her actions and acting. I do have to knit pick for one moment and say that the dress that was chosen for the dance was underwhelming because … Continue reading Style Me – Rose Hathaway

Let’s Review (Kind of)…Gravity

Available On: For this review I want to focus on the experience rather than the plot since that had some things to be desired for me. I would like to say that Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is an amazing actress but her character was absolutely hopeless when it came to high risk situtations. I think that she definitely didn’t have the mentality that an … Continue reading Let’s Review (Kind of)…Gravity

Let’s Review…About Time

Available on: About Time is about a man, Tim (Domhall Gleeson) who finds out from his father (Bill Nighy) that he is a time traveler and as long as he travels in certain perimeters, he can change the start of a relationship from fumbling through a conversation to being suave and mysterious.  Tim falls in love with a woman named Mary (Rachel McAdams) and constantly … Continue reading Let’s Review…About Time

Let’s Review…The Mortal Instruments and Stuck in Love

First off, if you have text messaging or even email, you should sign up for Redbox because they can give you free codes every now and then or BOGO like I did to get these two movies for the night. The Mortal Instruments The reason I wanted to watch this movie is because I read the books and also I loved Lily Collins in The … Continue reading Let’s Review…The Mortal Instruments and Stuck in Love