Style Me – Elphaba

[themysterycasefiles] If you have seen Wicked, you will know that Elphaba wasn’t always evil. I love the costumes in Wicked but I think that it would be so cool to see an Elphaba modern take because no one’s skin is really green, at least not normally. In my mind, Elphaba in modern times would be strong and own a corporation in some way. I am in love … Continue reading Style Me – Elphaba

Style Me – Glinda the Good Witch

Don’t get mad…I have never seen The Wizard of Oz  but I think that kind of helps me stay objective when it comes to the pieces I chose for Glinda. There is the classic version of Glinda, pictured above and the modern version. I just chose to base my choices off of the original. This is a really simple dress but it has a shape … Continue reading Style Me – Glinda the Good Witch