Romper Me This

Whew, long time no fashion post! I haven’t posted much on the fashion side of this blog because of myself. I have been working to really accept my body for where I am and where I am going with it. I have always been self conscious about my body so when I feel good, you will know it. I just love rompers and they always … Continue reading Romper Me This

Tea Time, Story Time #2: Mermaid Blanket!

Time for another round of review and chit chat. I have an exciting tea and review of the Seatail¬†Shop mermaid blanket. New English Teas Rosehip and Hibiscus Not sure how I would feel about this tea since it was mainly the packaging that drew me in. I love hibiscus but had never experienced the flavor of it. I have to say that the coloring is … Continue reading Tea Time, Story Time #2: Mermaid Blanket!

Cracker Barrel Knows My Heart | Mermaids For Days! | Etsy Scammer!

Oh, my ocean, surprise! I thought that this would be the perfect time to share more mermaids with you! This all started when my friend sent me a picture of mermaids from Cracker Barrel and I couldn’t take it. I had to go. I had to find all my new friends waiting for me in the store. I had my sister stop off the highway … Continue reading Cracker Barrel Knows My Heart | Mermaids For Days! | Etsy Scammer!

Nautical Find | Dividing The Scales + Announcement

I guess that I should start off with my announcement, right? Well, I have decided that I will being creating Nautical Find content when I actually buy something that relates. I think that finding nautical items was cool and has been fun but it makes me feel like there is no substance since I haven’t purchased it. You know? So, I hope you all understand … Continue reading Nautical Find | Dividing The Scales + Announcement

Sunsets And Mermaids

Fun fact: My sister was surprised I wore this shirt without a cami, like I normally do…it was really hot this day. Thank you, Southern US. I just really love this top because it is different from my other Little Mermaid merchandise. Top: Kohl’s (?) Shorts: Old Navy Sandals: JCPenney Sunglasses: Wet Seal Ear Cuff: Hot Topic Ring: Kohl’s -Tiffany Continue reading Sunsets And Mermaids

Getting Chilly Over Here

Surprise!¬†It is getting colder these days in the US…well, if you live somewhere that isn’t Florida or L.A. I am rather cold blooded because I love fall and winter. Please don’t toss me into a heat wave because I just cannot stand it! Shall we swim along now? Layers are definitely something that I love to play with and it usually involves a cami tank … Continue reading Getting Chilly Over Here