Style Me: Flounder

[amazon] I am absolutely obsessed with Flounder. I think that the reason that I grew up becoming attached to him is because I am a lot like him. I don’t particularly like breaking the rules but I am also not oblivious to a situation. I think that Flounder is a strong character in the end and has a great arc that is shadowed by Ariel’s, … Continue reading Style Me: Flounder

Style Me – Jace Wayland

[pinterest] Like Isabelle Lightwood, you can see her post HERE, Jamie Campbell Bower wasn’t who I imagined to play Jace but he did play him rather well. I thought that they made all of the Shadowhunters look like they were obsessed with leather and couldn’t live without it. This outfit to me that Ryan Gosling is wearing so well is what I imagine Jace … Continue reading Style Me – Jace Wayland