The BEST Sweet Tea!

Pretty sure that this is a bold statement to say. For any of my Fleeters who hate sweet tea, I wish you grew up in the South, because you would most likely grow up drinking it. I LOVE sweet tea and I think that will more than likely be my giveaway when I go elsewhere and they look at me funny or try to give … Continue reading The BEST Sweet Tea!

What Does…McAlister’s Chicken Cavatappi Taste Like?

Alright, so I thought it would be interesting to share some of the food that I have tried or love at restaurants I frequent often. Today, I wanted to talk about the McAlister’s Chicken Cavtappi. Out of the three pastas that were released, this one caught my interest. Anyone else here love pasta? So, the cool thing about this pasta is that it comes with … Continue reading What Does…McAlister’s Chicken Cavatappi Taste Like?

Recipe: Peach Green Tea Lemonade

To apologize and gift to you for your patience and two missing weeks of receipes I am replacing this week’s Tuesday Treat and Restaurant Thursday! Hope you enjoy! I was inspired by Starbucks since they released their Peach Green Tea Lemonade a year or two ago and wanted to find a cheaper way that wouldn’t break my bank. What you will need: Green tea Peach … Continue reading Recipe: Peach Green Tea Lemonade