Remi Flower and Coffee

Remi Flower and Coffee906 2nd AveNew York, NY 10017 If you visit NYC at any point, this place is one spot you should definitely check out! When I first moved here back in August 2018, I was looking for a good coffee shop that had the right vibe for me. I think that is what is most important, right? Some people like the hustle and … Continue reading Remi Flower and Coffee

Review: Wet n Wild in Lavender Pearlscent

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and I remember that when I was young that my mother would wear a similar color on her nails. I used to think that it was a color that people my mother’s age would wear but I bought this polish last year and just tried it recently. I personally love the shine that this polish gives off. I am still not … Continue reading Review: Wet n Wild in Lavender Pearlscent