Houndstooth Willows

If I could stay in one outfit for the rest of my life, this would definitely be one of them. I love when I can just put on a comfy sweater and look like I have my life together. Wait, do I? Ah, different day, different answer. Sweater: Belk Jeans: Ross Boots: Wet Seal Bag: Vera Bradley | Hipster | Tutti Frutti -Tiffany Continue reading Houndstooth Willows

The “Perfect” Outfit for Winter

I thought about this a lot and I think that I have found the “perfect” pieces to make the “perfect” outfit. Now, this may not fit most people but I hope that something you see here will help you out since these are mainly basics most people have! The Sweater            [Unicorn Sweater] [Knit Sweater] Whether your sweater is a majestic … Continue reading The “Perfect” Outfit for Winter