Style Me – Earth

[mysticalmoonstar] Earth is not something I am crazy about personally because, let’s be honest, I am not a nature kind of girl. However, on pinterest there were amazing photos that inspired earth, to me. Mainly the idea of nature and growth as a person is what popped into my head when I found this image. Real life animal…kind of. I think the silhouette … Continue reading Style Me – Earth

Style Me – Air

[pixgood] Air is something we can feel but nothing that we can physically hold in our hands. Air is light and free and that is what is so inspiring. Like Kagura, from Inuyasha, she wanted to be free like the wind. I love that this has a beautiful lightness to it and has different accents of color without overpowering the rest. I couldn’t … Continue reading Style Me – Air

Style Me – Fire

[koalaloko] Stay warm tomorrow with either your loved one or a movie on the couch because most people are probably in the latter…at least, I will be. Anyway, enjoy tomorrow and if you don’t have that special someone, treat yourself and be good to yourself. Now, that we are done with that pep talk…Fire is always moving and so these images below are inspired by … Continue reading Style Me – Fire