Style Me- Pinkie Pie

[deviantart] Okay, at first, I didn’t like Pinkie Pie but the more I watched the show, I realized that Pinkie is my sister, exactly. What My Little Pony does is that it exaggerates traits in people and evokes that kind of trait to teach lessons and Pinkie is really about having fun and making sure to make as many friends as possible, basically an extrovert. … Continue reading Style Me- Pinkie Pie

The Best and Worst Valentine’s Day

I don’t have a “bae”, “boo”, “sweetie”, “honey”, none of that. I actually made plans with one my best girl friends yesterday without even realizing that it was Valentine’s Day until my mom pointed it out. Valentine’s is a wonderful day, even though it is not a real holiday, to really think about the people that you love and appreciate them fully for one whole … Continue reading The Best and Worst Valentine’s Day