Style Me – Zero

[The NIghtmare Before Christmas Wiki] We all know that Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas is a ghost dog and when I saw this picture, I just knew. I had been searching for a couple of minutes and nothing was clicking, but this image just took my breath away. I also love Zero because he is just adorable and so loyal to Jack. I think that … Continue reading Style Me – Zero

Style Me – Oogie Boogie

[disney.wikia] As a child, my first thoughts of Oogie Boogie were “NOPE.” I just knew watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, that the whole movie would give me nightmares for years. I actually didn’t muster up the strength to watch it again until a couple of years ago. Granted, I still love Jack and Sally all this time. Also, I looked through Pinterest for the “right” images … Continue reading Style Me – Oogie Boogie


MAKEUP I would suggest for your base colors to find any gray or silver that is pigmented enough. I don’t have any personally or have seen amazing quality from affordable products at the moment so I will let you choose which ever. However, you are welcome to just use the palette below and build up without a base. Online for $4.79 at Ulta and it … Continue reading Ke$ha