Style Me – Belle

Belle was never someone I looked at or thought of as a princess I wanted to be. But, after years of hating books and then falling in love with books, Belle became someone I looked at with new and renewed eyes. I think that it is amazing that a young woman know what she want and not fall in love with the wrong guy because … Continue reading Style Me – Belle

Style Me – Water

What better way to end my birth week than with a style me that basically embodies me as a person? I love water and it has been a huge part of my life…well, all of my life since the human body consists partially of water. Shall we get started? [brandrificus] THIS. I cannot tell you how much I would love to dye my hair … Continue reading Style Me – Water

I Chopped My Hair Off! (Donation + Liberation)

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here, and I chopped my hair off…okay, only 8″ but it is a pretty big thing when I do so. My hair went from mid-lower back to shoulder length. I think that the last time I had cut this much off was when I was in my sophmore/junior year of high school. I am a junior in college now. Anyway, I decided … Continue reading I Chopped My Hair Off! (Donation + Liberation)

Thin Hair + Dandruff = Bummer [4 REVIEWS IN ONE!]

Yeah, I know, what a horrid combination. I have had dandruff since I was about 10? I have used Selsun Blue, Head and Shoulders, and Herbal Essences since then. I use, now, Head and Shoulders and Herbal Essences. I do switch between both because for some reason, my hair will flip out and start showing flakes again if I use one for too long, like … Continue reading Thin Hair + Dandruff = Bummer [4 REVIEWS IN ONE!]

All About Heat Protection

Many don’t know about heat sprays. They are really good for keeping the healthiness in your hair and prevent drying and damage to hair. I didn’t know about it until recently from a youtube guru: foreveryours0727 [] she is a good guru. I learned about many products that are cheap and inexpensive to someone who is on a budget. There are heat sprays that are … Continue reading All About Heat Protection