Nautical Find | Dividing The Scales + Announcement

I guess that I should start off with my announcement, right? Well, I have decided that I will being creating Nautical Find content when I actually buy something that relates. I think that finding nautical items was cool and has been fun but it makes me feel like there is no substance since I haven’t purchased it. You know? So, I hope you all understand … Continue reading Nautical Find | Dividing The Scales + Announcement

Golden Aztec Goddess Bracelet | JewelMint

For anyone has been following me for a long while, you will know that this bracelet has made an appearance or two. The lighting washed this bracelet out a bit but I can assure you that it is gold and beautiful! The shapes are what really get to me because they are so cool. I saw this bracelet on JewelMint a long time ago and … Continue reading Golden Aztec Goddess Bracelet | JewelMint

Nautical Navy and Gold Art

Who doesn’t love the idea of decorating their house with something that they love? I can already see my house looking as nautical as the beach…okay, nothing can compare to the beach but I could definitely recreate the feeling. I think that this is really pretty to place in an office or nook, it doesn’t scream me in the sense of the colors since I … Continue reading Nautical Navy and Gold Art

Style Me – Princess Jasmine

[disneywiki] Have you ever wanted to be a modern day Jasmine? Well, here is are three things that you can probably find in certain stores, depending on what they sell, and get yourself something similar. I actually have a shorter crop top in this color from JCPenney and if you can find it there, you can find it anywhere. I think that this isn’t … Continue reading Style Me – Princess Jasmine

Review: Sinful Colors in This Is It

When I saw the title I thought, “Michael Jackson”. I bought this because I wanted a yellow but the name definitely got me to buy it. This color is sheer so two-three coats is necessary. The color goes on really easily and is not thick. There are speckles of shimmer that makes the polish duller but not an ugly dull. I don’t think this color … Continue reading Review: Sinful Colors in This Is It

Nail File #9: Just A Little Sparkle

I do believe this is my most elaborate and intricate nail design to date. I love this but it is a lot of work to recreate. Funny how it only took three hours, I think. It looks hard, best believe, but it isn’t that hard to do with a steady hand or help. NAIL POLISHES USED: N.Y.C. Broadway Burgundy Frost L.A. Colors Art Deco in … Continue reading Nail File #9: Just A Little Sparkle

Nail File #3: Blues A Blazin’

Hello! Welcome to Nail Files on my ShopaHAULic blog. I am going step-by-step to show you how to make these nails. These nails are simple and you can coordinate the colors with whatever event or school color or just different colors with these nails. Please do enjoy~ Nail Polish Used: Wet n Wild in Bijou Blue Art Deco in White Art Deco in Gold STEPS: … Continue reading Nail File #3: Blues A Blazin’