Recipe: Mushroom Ravioli

One of my favorite dishes to make when I don’t feel like cooking or thinking about what I am am making is an Alfredo based dish. This one is a little different because I did add rosemary and it came out to have more of a kick than I was expecting, I enjoyed this! What you will need: Mushroom Ravioli Green Peppers Onion Mushrooms Paprika … Continue reading Recipe: Mushroom Ravioli

Recipe: Jalapeño Ravioli

First recipe of 2016 and I am so excited to share some of the new recipes that I have made with the things that I had around the house. This recipe is super simple since we don’t really have to add too much to the jalapeño ravioli. Ingredients: Jalapeño ravioli (I bought mine at Aldi) Alfredo sauce Mushrooms Salt Pepper Oil Instructions: 1. Bring water … Continue reading Recipe: Jalapeño Ravioli

Recipe: Mushroom Asparagus Pesto Pasta

What you will need: Pasta Mushroom Asparagus Onion Pesto Paprika Basil Oregano Parsley 1. Cook, drain, and add some oil to your pasta. 2. Wash vegetables and cut extra mushrooms, if you wish. Sautee vegetables with paprika, parsley, oregano, and basil. Optional: add salt and pepper to add more flavor. 3. Put your pasta and pesto into the pan on medium high heat. Add more … Continue reading Recipe: Mushroom Asparagus Pesto Pasta

Graduation Week | Good Breakfast Or None At All

Breakfast is said to be “the most important meal of the day” and most will agree. I do not normally eat breakfast and I get along just fine but I totally understand if you do. I think that when it comes to a big event that you shouldn’t feel forced or anything to eat when you don’t feel that you should. I have seen and … Continue reading Graduation Week | Good Breakfast Or None At All

Recipe: Inspired Tikka Masala

What You Will Need: Roma Tomatoes Chicken Breast Baby Bela Mushrooms Onion Tikka Masala Curry Rice Garlic Corn Starch Pepper Sugar Paprika Salt Cumin Tumeric Cilantro Before you start anything you will want to wash and cook your rice while you are making the tikka masala, they should finish around the same time. 1. Wash and cut your tomatoes by removing all seeds so that … Continue reading Recipe: Inspired Tikka Masala