Wanderlust #1: Travel Anxiety

I have been uneasy ever since I left school and have been slightly unmotivated. Sure, I clean my area in the house and can actually sleep, but I am uneasy. I have strayed away from you, my Fleeters, because what am I supposed to say? I realized soon after that I didn’t want you to know that I am unsure about life right now. I … Continue reading Wanderlust #1: Travel Anxiety

| Graduation Week | Graduation Party Decor

For this week’s Style Me it is all about making you have a stylish party.¬†You and your friends can seriously throw the best party with these inexpensive party decorations! So much fun and can really make it something your friends will talk about at parties to come. All prices are approximates depending on where you go, you can actually find most of these items at … Continue reading | Graduation Week | Graduation Party Decor

2 Easy Snacks That Will Last You All Week

Just to let you all know in advance, this is more of a breakfast and snack option that you can have to make life easier because in the morning, who is really awake? Not to mention that we all need that pick me up. Strawberry Cereal To-Go [fitsmi] Some days you really don’t have time to pour a bowl of cereal and devour it before … Continue reading 2 Easy Snacks That Will Last You All Week