Remi Flower and Coffee

Remi Flower and Coffee906 2nd AveNew York, NY 10017 If you visit NYC at any point, this place is one spot you should definitely check out! When I first moved here back in August 2018, I was looking for a good coffee shop that had the right vibe for me. I think that is what is most important, right? Some people like the hustle and … Continue reading Remi Flower and Coffee

Recipe: Strawberry Peach Sparkling Water

What you will need: Strawberries Peaches Sparkling water Bottle or cup 1. Cut your strawberries and peaches into thin slices so that they can easily fit into most containers. An easy way to cut a peach is by making the incision on the peach multiple times and then use your knife to push the peach off of the seed. This is a great activity for … Continue reading Recipe: Strawberry Peach Sparkling Water