I am on Youtube | Florida Lookbook

I have always loved video editing. I actually have a youtube account that has all of my manga music videos that I created. So, now that I am out of college, I decided to go ahead and invest a little bit of time into things I love. I love blogging and documenting my life. I also love traveling and remembering where I go through photos … Continue reading I am on Youtube | Florida Lookbook

Let’s Review: Inside Out

Warning you now, there will be spoilers… So, Inside Out, a movie all about emotions…having emotions. I think that the idea is great, how our minds really grow and feel these things. Our core memories are the ones we often look back on, they hit the mark. What I think they totally missed upon was making Sadness the most annoying, character. Sadness would have been great … Continue reading Let’s Review: Inside Out

Style Me – Dr. Finkelstein

[disneywiki] Dr. Finkelstein, The Nightmare Before Christmas, always gave me the heeby-jeebies. I remember as a child when Dr. Finkelstein called for Sally and she was hiding to make sure that he didn’t spot her trying to leave. Dr. Finkelstein is really creepy but I think that in a modern world he would be edgy and mysterious in order to enrapture those around town. I think … Continue reading Style Me – Dr. Finkelstein

Style Me – Oogie Boogie

[disney.wikia] As a child, my first thoughts of Oogie Boogie were “NOPE.” I just knew watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, that the whole movie would give me nightmares for years. I actually didn’t muster up the strength to watch it again until a couple of years ago. Granted, I still love Jack and Sally all this time. Also, I looked through Pinterest for the “right” images … Continue reading Style Me – Oogie Boogie

Style Me: Sleeping Beauty | Aurora

[iwantedwings] I don’t know what it was but watching Sleeping Beauty had me blushing as a child and I felt whimsical. A love that is actually really creepy now that I am older, was absolutely romantic for me. I loved that Prince Philip and Aurora met randomly and that they fell in love for a quick second before she fell into a deep sleep. I also … Continue reading Style Me: Sleeping Beauty | Aurora

Style Me – Tiana

[disney wiki] I love that Tiana is a hard working girl like the most of us and she is just trying to fulfill her dreams. I also love the music and love story, though kind of been-there-done-that, and vibe. Not to mention that the roaring twenties were some rebellious years for citizens. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/334673816030169813/ Tiana wears color but in muted tones so I thought that this … Continue reading Style Me – Tiana

The Little Mermaid Under the Sea

Let’s all marvel at how amazing this woodwork is. Okay, good? Good. This beautiful Little Mermaid wind up music rotating woodwork is amazing. You can find similar Disney themed items at your local Hallmark. As far as I know, no two Hallmark’s are the same when it comes to what they have in stock. I love that this is an iconic scene in the movie … Continue reading The Little Mermaid Under the Sea

Style Me – Princess Jasmine

[disneywiki] Have you ever wanted to be a modern day Jasmine? Well, here is are three things that you can probably find in certain stores, depending on what they sell, and get yourself something similar. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/356065914264516482/ I actually have a shorter crop top in this color from JCPenney and if you can find it there, you can find it anywhere. I think that this isn’t … Continue reading Style Me – Princess Jasmine