Recipe: Inspired Chicken Pico de Gallo

Unfortunately, I cannot eat tomatoes as much or at all anymore because it breaks my fingers out. However, when I made this, it was so good! What you will need: Rice Chicken Mushrooms Tomatoes Cilantro Green Onion Onion Garlic Corn Starch Paprika Pepper Salt Oregano Basil 1. Clean and cut your chicken into short strips. You can easily substitute with some frozen chicken strips if … Continue reading Recipe: Inspired Chicken Pico de Gallo

Recipe: Inspired Tikka Masala

What You Will Need: Roma Tomatoes Chicken Breast Baby Bela Mushrooms Onion Tikka Masala Curry Rice Garlic Corn Starch Pepper Sugar Paprika Salt Cumin Tumeric Cilantro Before you start anything you will want to wash and cook your rice while you are making the tikka masala, they should finish around the same time. 1. Wash and cut your tomatoes by removing all seeds so that … Continue reading Recipe: Inspired Tikka Masala

Recipe: Chipotle Inspired Burrito Bowl Pt. 1

So, this reciepe has changed quite a bit since I took the pics for this one but I thought I would show it anyway in case some of you are really basic and don’t care for the extra pizzazz. I will have the newer version soon when I cook it again. Ingredients: Chicken Rice Lime Cilantro Onions Green Peppers Various Spices of your choices [I … Continue reading Recipe: Chipotle Inspired Burrito Bowl Pt. 1

Recipe: Healthy Guacamole

  I decided to make this after I didn’t want to keep eating all of the flavors from the guacamole packet that I have been using for so long.   Ingredients: Avocados Cherry Tomatoes Onion Lime Basil Parsley Pepper Corn Cilantro 1, Wash your lime, onion, tomatoes, and avocados. 2. Cut your avocados and place them in a bowl. 3. Dice your onions. 4. Cut … Continue reading Recipe: Healthy Guacamole