Style Me – Blair Waldorf

There are so many facets to Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl and it was so hard to narrow it down but my choices are based off of the television show, not books. Blair always has an eclectic style that is both fashionable and chic while still showing off that she can hide a secret while still looking the best that she can be. I mean, when … Continue reading Style Me – Blair Waldorf

Gossip Girl Quotes. My Personal Favorites

Now as much as I love Gossip Girl’s, Blair Waldorf,  my two favorite quotes come from (if I am not mistaken) season 4 of Gossip Girl and are not her. Though, let’s be honest, she has some pretty great lines in the show. Enjoy! “There are only olives and hallucinogenic mushrooms” -Jack Bass to Chuck Bass “I haven’t been so bored since I believed in … Continue reading Gossip Girl Quotes. My Personal Favorites