23 People/Things I Am Grateful For

It’s my birthday! I think that this year, I want to name 23 people who I am grateful for and why. It is important to me, to remind myself, that I have people who are more than just passing by in my life. This is in no particular order. My sister – My “Panda” is someone who has let me stay in her house, with … Continue reading 23 People/Things I Am Grateful For

Want to Polka (Dot)?

It was really cold the day that this was shot and this is one of the ones from earlier in the year. I didn’t get around to posting it until now…it was my birthday. This outfit was surprisingly comfortable. Dress: Kohl’s (?) Tights: Target Shoes: Walmart Bag: Vera Bradley | Knot Just a Clutch | Call Me Coral Nautical Ring: Charming Charlie Square Ring: Kohl’s … Continue reading Want to Polka (Dot)?