Vampire Knight Yuki Bracelet | eBay

I love this bracelet! If you have ever seen┬áVampire Knight, then you will know that Yuki (main character) wears this to protect herself from someone close to her that has awakened as a vampire. I actually bought this because I needed to reach $50 to get free shipping and I was so close. So, I decided to get something anime related. I found this for … Continue reading Vampire Knight Yuki Bracelet | eBay

Style Me – Sailor Pluto

[pinterest] Let’s be honest, who didn’t want Sailor Pluto’s hair? #hairgoals I love that she was a no nonsense character and moved the story along really fast. I also love that she had awesome colored lips while everyone else didn’t. Even back then I was obsessed with long hair and colored lips. I think that, based on how she was dressed as regular citizen that … Continue reading Style Me – Sailor Pluto