Recipe: Jalapeño Ravioli

First recipe of 2016 and I am so excited to share some of the new recipes that I have made with the things that I had around the house. This recipe is super simple since we don’t really have to add too much to the jalapeño ravioli. Ingredients: Jalapeño ravioli (I bought mine at Aldi) Alfredo sauce Mushrooms Salt Pepper Oil Instructions: 1. Bring water … Continue reading Recipe: Jalapeño Ravioli

Recipe: Bell Pepper Chicken Alfredo

What you will need: Alfredo sauce Basil Oregano Grill Creations Citrus Grill White Pepper Tyson Grilled & Ready Mushrooms Linguine Pasta Onion Four Bell Peppers in varying colors 1. Cut your onions and peppers into slices. 2. Heat up your chicken and place your spices and seasonings on the chicken. 3. Place some alfredo sauce so that you can infuse some of the flavor.   … Continue reading Recipe: Bell Pepper Chicken Alfredo

Recipes: Bowties, Chicken and Green Peppers, Oh My!

I decided to do another go around with alfredo. I like bowtie and I kind of went crazy at the store buying a bunch of different types of noodles, just to see which one I like best. I love green pepper and onions, yummy! I think that I would add another can of alfredo sauce to this mix only because I don’t like overly creamy … Continue reading Recipes: Bowties, Chicken and Green Peppers, Oh My!

Recipe: Chicken and Asparagus Alfredo

I didn’t really think about a receipe since I normally like to wing things. I love asparagus! What you will need: Water Oil Onions Asparagus (one grouping should be fine for two pots of alfredo unless you want an excess in asparagus) Chicken Noodles of your choice Alfredo Sauce Seasonings: Pepper, paprika, dried minced garlic, and basil STEPS: 1. Wash your onion, and cut into … Continue reading Recipe: Chicken and Asparagus Alfredo