Style Me- Spencer Hastings

[Pretty Little Liars Wiki] I will admit that when Pretty Little Liars started that Spencer was just untouchable in the sense that I couldn’t quite connect with her character. She had a family who was well off and cared so much about school that it would make anyone’s brain hurt. I admired her though and watching her progression through the show she has grown to one of … Continue reading Style Me- Spencer Hastings

Style Me – Emily Fields

[youtube] Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars is portrayed by Shay Mitchell and they are pretty different in the clothing department since Emily is more masculine and Shay is more feminine. Emily is the most kind-hearted of the four girls in the show but she sure isn’t afraid to pull out her sass when it comes to protecting her friends, she will do anything. I think that … Continue reading Style Me – Emily Fields

Let’s Review…Lovestruck: The Musical

Available on: Netflix When I saw Chelsea (Staub) Kane and Drew Seeley I was extremely excited because I have liked both actors for some time but really they aren’t the main characters. I mean, Chelsea’s character, Harper, is a main character but I don’t think that Drew Seeley should have been on the cover, it is quite misleading because you don’t see him until the … Continue reading Let’s Review…Lovestruck: The Musical