Top 3 – Grammy’s 2015

Just so everyone knows, I literally freaked out because Taylor Swift looks like a mermaid! Okay, now off to my Top 3! [Billboard] Jessie J looks stunning! I love it when a celebrity can really step out into the spotlight with a great outfit that isn’t going to get publicity for being too revealing. Black is a color that looks great on anyone and with … Continue reading Top 3 – Grammy’s 2015

2015 Liebster Award Nomination!

Hello Fleeters! I am happy to announce that TiffanytheShopalic has been nominated for a Liebster award! I know that this is now The Mermaid Network but I thought that this would still count! Special thanks to ClariboLoves for the nomination! [Definition and rules are credited to ClariboLoves who had this posted on her blog!] The word liebster is German in origin and means dearest, sweetest, kindest, … Continue reading 2015 Liebster Award Nomination!

Top 3 – Critic’s Choice Awards

I missed the Critic’s Choice Awards and felt sad because I didn’t see any advertisements for it anywhere. Aside from that, I congratulate all winners, the ones who went home with an award or not, and will now tell you my Top 3 of that night! [USAToday] David Oyelowo definitely did something right! I love menswear but it can be a bit monotonous and, honestly, they … Continue reading Top 3 – Critic’s Choice Awards