I am Slowly Changing My Tune

DUMBO, Brooklyn. 2020. Photo by me.

If you read my recent post: Current State of Mind + Etsy, then you will know that I was still very much against leaving the confines of my apartment. I took a walk, a long, long walk this past Friday to see an area I hadn’t seen before in my neighborhood. Honestly, my neighborhood is a culprit in the mass amount of people not wearing a mask and not socially distancing. I am uncomfortable by it. Truly. I decided that my walk would be beneficial to my mental health. What was supposed to be a 30 minute walk turned into 2 hours and I realized that I was stronger by leaving the toxicity that I felt in my own neighborhood.

I decided from that point that I would choose to socially distance myself and explore the city I love so much. I wanted to go and give my all to supporting small and local places when I could and also enjoy the places and things that I love. So, I decided that I would go out today. My roommate is also new and wants to explore and find these amazing places in the city. I pride myself on my suggestions. I chose to go to Remi Flower and Coffee and enjoy my lavender latte that I love so much. I also went to DUMBO and then enjoyed a meal, outdoors, at Tutt Heights. I felt weird at first to go out and enjoy my life while the uncertainty of the pandemic hits me everyday.

Getting out today felt good. I felt like I had some part of myself back that I lost when we were all in quarantine. I will say that wearing a mask is a security blanket and sitting outside around people also not wearing a mask was daunting at first but it wasn’t bad. I felt better than I had about it before and I think it is because my roommate and I chose a side street with a small restaurant and not a large crowd of people walking around. I think that would be my advice when choosing a place to dine at.

I hope this gave you guys a little more insight. I am excited to get back to sharing my life through my experiences and revamping Adventures with Tiffany slowly.

Talk soon,

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