Remi Flower and Coffee

Remi Flower and Coffee
906 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10017

Lavender latte

If you visit NYC at any point, this place is one spot you should definitely check out! When I first moved here back in August 2018, I was looking for a good coffee shop that had the right vibe for me. I think that is what is most important, right? Some people like the hustle and bustle of what they know like a Starbucks, some like hipster mainstream spots like Gregory’s or Bluestone Lane Coffee. I like the cozy and good-vibes-only coffee shop. This place is everything I want and more with the BEST lavender latte you will ever have and plants everywhere.

When you walk into Remi it is normally quite packed already with friends gathered, people on their laptops, and others enjoying a break from the world. The flowers are quite expensive, personal opinion, but they add this otherworldly environment because it doesn’t feel like NYC at all. The music is perfect with a mix of throwback music and indie/folk. The staff are super nice and really work their hardest to get orders out as fast as possible. They have gluten free goodies sometimes and also other small snacks. There is a bathroom which has dried flowers and smells wonderful. There is also a counter in the back with a florist.

Now, lattes are some of my favorite things to get here and I have gotten basically every single one…I am not joking. So, I figure that I might as well go through them all, right? Maybe that won’t interest everyone but if you want the best selection for you, keep reading!

Left: Lavender latte. Right: Rose latte

Lavender Latte
Love of my life. I have loved lavender lattes since I had my first one at Dottie’s Cafe in Pittsfield, MA. I wanted to try this lavender latte and I was not disappointed. It is probably the strongest in both scent and coffee. I can really taste the lavender and I also eat the little petals they use as garnish. Is that weird? Well, anyway, the coffee and lavender taste amazing. I highly recommend.

Rose latte

Rose Latte
This definitely has a lighter floral smell and taste. The taste is subtle and you really get a wonderfully accented latte with a little pizzaz.

Left: Lavender latte. Right: Butterfly pea latte

Butterfly Pea Latte
This would be the most “bitter” of all the lattes. It isn’t bitter in the sense that you get a strong after taste but the peas make it so that there is the ever so slight pea aftertaste. It’s also tastes kind of grainy but not in a bad way. This is not for everyone. I wouldn’t necessarily get it again but the experience is worth it. I think that for those who don’t want something florally, this may be fore you.

Tumeric latte

Tumeric Latte
Strong. I definitely get a chai-like kick after drinking this one. I think that this is great if you aren’t feeling well or just want something different. It has a great flavor and definitely is the lightest latte I have had out of all of them.

Berry Rose Latte
The perfect mix of something fruity and floral. I think that the balance is great if you want a nice summer latte. The berry flavor tastes quite a bit like raspberry and strawberry. A sweet treat!

Let me know what you think would be your favorite and if you go, tag me in your photo on Instagram!

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