Quick Bites in NYC

If you are here for a short period of time, you need to know the pit stops that will have a little something more than Starbucks but a little less than a full-on side down restaurant. So, here are a couple that you can check out.

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Gregory’s Coffee
They have a great rewards program and some really nice breakfast sandwiches. They are the most similar to Starbucks but they have a little more of an “edgier” menu. I wouldn’t say that you should go here if you want more variety but if you want something different than Starbucks without the frilly things that Starbucks loves, this is the perfect place.

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Pret a Manger
I found out about this place in London and felt so happy to know that they are in NYC. They have a great selection of grab-n-go foods from cold to warm. I think that you can also request food to be made-to-order if you have allergies. Definitely worth checking out! Not to mention that they have a great drink selection too.

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Bread and Butter
I love to go to the one in Times Square when I am working because they have a wide selection for lunch. You can get everything from sandwiches to sushi to made-to-order foods. I think that this is also great when you are in a large group that all have different flavor preferences. Definitely a great place to stop, especially since prices are more affordable than most restaurants in NYC depending on what you get.

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Frame Gourmet Eatery
Just like Bread and Butter, there is a variety of different kinds of foods that you can get. I love getting poke bowls here because it is quick and ready for me to put in my body.

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If you are solo traveling and want a quick spot that still feels like a restaurant, go to Ichiran! There are two locations, Manhattan and Brooklyn, that will gladly take you in and give you the best solo dining experience ever. I love that they are pretty quick with their service and aren’t overbearing because you press a button when you want them to come over. It’s great.

Talk soon!

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