Storytime: The Cabbie and the Girl

I think that it would be interesting to tell you tales of NYC and how I love this city but there can also be awkward situations. This is a true event and I do anymore stories, they will also be real, so look out!

Chandelier in the Plaza Hotel

Me: *waving cabbie down* *cabbie stops* *I open the door and get in* Hello.
Cabbie: Hello.
Me: Could you take me to *address said*
Cabbie: Okay. *starts driving* Happy Valentine’s Day.
Me: Happy Valentine’s Day. How are you?
Cabbie: Good. I met a celebrity.
Me: Oh, who?
Cabbie: She is so beautiful and gorgeous…she is sitting in this cab.
Me: *awkward laughing*
*a couple turns later*
Cabbie: Were you seeing a show?
Me: No, I was working.
Cabbie: That’s what she said.
Me: *awkward laughing and silence*

What an odd turn of events. I have had nothing but compatible quiet taxi rides home but I guess because it was Valentine’s Day, the cabbie wanted to hit on me. I do not really understand why he felt the need to hit on me and also insult me by essentially saying I was doing something sexual for a living. To give you reference, I had been in tech working an almost 15 hour work day and I just wanted to get home without having to be hit on or insulted. I think that he wasn’t trying to do harm by any means but it definitely made me uncomfortable. Please don’t think that this happens often in NYC, because it doesn’t, at least not as often as most people think. There are good people who are making a living and maybe it is just that the cabbies at night want to get a rise out of people to make conversation, but that wasn’t the best way to do it.

Talk soon!

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