Manhattan to EWR

I hope that you enjoyed my previous Manhattan to JFK post. Click HERE if you haven’t read it yet. I thought it would be helpful to share how to get from Manhattan to EWR (New Jersey) because this way is also relatively simple. I wish my experience to get from Manhattan to EWR wasn’t to EWR because it was possibly the most hectic and overstimulating experience I have had. I have definitely been to Penn Station before but it was just too much with literally a thousand people or more in one area. Let’s get started.

First, you will need to get to 34th St Penn Station in Manhattan. You can easily access this station from any 1, 2, 3 (red) or A, C, E (blue) train. Depending on which direction you are going, you will want to follow signs to the New Jersey Transit. When I was trying to follow the signs, I just got confused and also kept seeing LIRR ticket stations. But, just step to the side and take a moment to look at everything around you or ask someone who works at the station. I found it after clawing my way through mobs of people, literally pushing myself between people and tripping over luggage. Upon arrival I went to the ticket booth and spoke to the employee who told me that I had 7 minutes to get to the train. A round trip ticket cost me $24.50. From the ticket booth the signs are pretty easy to follow. I recommend going on the opposite side to get to the elevator. There are two elevators to get to the same platform that you need but on opposite ends. Anyway, once you find a train car that isn’t too full, you ride it all the way to the Newark Liberty Airport Train Station. The ride is actually pretty stunning when you get above land and really relaxing.

After arriving to the Newark Liberty Airport Station you can easily get to the AirTrain, which is free, and it takes you to all terminals.

Hope that this helps! Let me know if you have any questions. Talk soon!


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