My New York Life #2: Change

Me at the Brandless Pop Up

In 3 months after moving to NYC to work here. I realize that there are so many things that have changed about me. I wanted to just let you guys know what’s up. I go out all the time. On the weekends you can find me at the local farmer’s markets, museums, or just walking in the city. I love exploring and NYC really does wonders to make me feel like I could live here forever because I am usually doing something different every day. However, going out all of the time means that I need a recharge. I always need this, but I need it more now. NYC is overstimulating at all times and it is just really nice to be in my room, being a hermit. I don’t want to really see people because I have seen people all day. On the opposite end of that, I Facetime my friends more often or call them. I actively want to keep up my friendships with people because there is no longer a 4-year something or the other that will “force” me to see the same people every day.

I think that reason I had an urge to really type out my thoughts is because I recently told my brother that I was happy and content. Sure, there are definitely days that are a little more trying than others, especially with all of the people who are just trying to get form point A to point B, but that is NYC. I am happier here than I have been in North Carolina where I was born and raised. I am happy that I don’t have to drive, can you imagine that? But, if you have questions about NYC, leave them down below because I would love to answer them! 

Eating okonomiyaki


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