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Full disclosure: I purchased all items myself after I had the itch to buy all the rompers and jumpsuits in the world. Maybe an exaggeration but, all opinions are my own.

Romwe is a website that sells clothing at a relatively decent price, think of them as an online Forever 21. Sadly, I would much rather shop at Forever 21. Now, just so everyone knows my struggle, I am 5’1″ and I am around 140lbs-150lbs and I have broader shoulders.

The website is extremely easy to navigate. The prices are what get to you. I ordered 14 items, a mix of jumpsuits and rompers that were all super cute and would have been perfect in my collection. I purchased them and about a week later, they arrived. They do ship from China so you are paying for what you get, I suppose. All items ranged from $8.00-$20.00. I got all the items in a bag that had a couple of holes in it, all items were safe. They ship through DHL and require a signature so I highly recommend contacting them to just drop it off if you know you won’t be home.

I purchased the largest sizes in all of the items and double checked the measurement sheet. When I unpackaged them, almost all of them felt like cheap material that would stick to skin like a piece of saran wrap. I did not like a lot of them for that reason and for the fact that they wouldn’t go over my shoulders. A lot of the rompers and jumpsuits had a surplice front, meaning it would create a V-neck. I only liked one romper that was well made and felt like a jumpsuit I would purchase in-store.

As for returns, I contacted them as soon as I finished trying them all on. I received an email promptly within 24 hours and I requested a prepaid label and let them know that I wanted my refund on the original payment method. I just printed it out, it deducts $5.99 from the refund which is cheaper than shipping it out on your own. My package probably would have cost $10.00 to ship. They don’t have you ship back to China, which is nice, but to a distribution center closest to your address.

Have you purchased from Romwe before? Let me know if you have any questions!

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