Spotify Me #1


I love music. I haven’t met someone who doesn’t. I think that music opens the mind to enter a mental space that is focused and clear. I thought it would be cool to share my favorite playlists throughout the year to introduce you to new music. I would love if you would comment your favorite playlist down below!

Playlist: Pop Chillout

I have listened to pop music all my life. However, new pop music isn’t my taste and it can be hard to find the true gems. Pop Chillout holds 75 songs that are changed around every couple of weeks (I believe). I love this playlist because it, primarily, keeps a chill vibe without overwhelming my ears with over-the-top EDM or rap. It isn’t that I don’t like those genres, it is just hard to work with that kind of music, for me. I find that I can focus in on my work and enjoy the music.

Don’t forget to share your current favorite playlist below!

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