Wanderlust #20: The Berlin State of Mind

Image may contain: 1 person, cloud, sky, bicycle and outdoorPeople are on bicycles everywhere. No, literally, everywhere.

There is something about Berlin that has my heart and if I could spend my life living there for a couple of years, it would be a dream. Although there are tourists, it isn’t like London where you are in a congested world of tourists. Berlin just has a vibe that is hipster and chill. I found that I just fell in love with waking up and being in a city that wasn’t like anything else that I had ever been in before. The fact that people were on bicycles everywhere made me wish that I could ride a bicycle. The people were all very kind there and it was only sketchy at night in certain areas. Since I was filming a short film there were a lot of people.

Image may contain: outdoor
A museum near Alexanderplatz.

I think that the beauty of Berlin is that there is so much to do and yet there can just be space. I should elaborate. When I walked to a destination I would just wander in the direction back to the hostel but not really worry about getting back by a certain time. I passed by homes, grocery stores, cafes, parks, etc. I had this sense of fear and freedom. I think that the biggest fear was being unable to communicate with people and with little to no cell service. I didn’t travel as far as I probably would have if I had a working cell service.

Image may contain: people sitting and outdoorMe taking the morning sitting outside the hostel to just enjoy Berlin and be grateful for what I have.

In Berlin, my worries were less about school and what I am doing with my life. My worries consisted of where I am going in life. Where do I see myself? I had a lot of freedom to really think about what my life is like right now and where it could go. I watched people in Berlin walk the streets and drive-by, living their life. Berlin is a place for exploring, adventure, self-exploration, and perspective.

Would you all be interested in an Italy and London version of state-of-mind?


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