Wanderlust #19: Berlin Hostel | The Circus Hostel

Image may contain: 1 person, smilingThis is me in the hostel bathroom downstairs. I know, cheesy, but the U-bahn map is so freaking cool!

To be honest, this was a wonderful hostel but it definitely had some pros and cons, more pros though. Upon arrival it is very open, there is a cafe to your left and a seating area on your right. The receptionist desk is a little farther in and they speak English which is nice. I had just had just had an awkward half-English conversation with the taxi cab driver, a super nice man. The whole place is very clean and has a calm and cool vibe. Now, time to break it down…

I believe that it was about $27.00 per night in a larger room and a smaller room was about $36.00 a night. Of course, prices may have changed since I was there in May 2017.

Super helpful! I enjoyed talking to them when I needed help because I knew that whatever issues I had, they would happily help solve it.

So, I ended up staying in two rooms, a 10-person room, and 2-person room. It was how it worked out with my flight schedule since my friend was booking it for me. The 10-person room was co-ed and it was okay to stay in. It was a little awkward because there was absolutely no privacy. Unlike Palmer’s Swiss Cottage in London, where curtains gave privacy, this was wide open. I also wasn’t used to sleeping in a room with men I didn’t know. The first night was mainly women with one male and the second night was a bunch of males and only me. It was fine though. I moved to the 2-person room where I stayed with one of the actresses on the short film I was working on in Berlin. She was awesome. The private room was also just perfect for privacy. There was a table and chairs and two chairs, a lockbox and dresser. My only issue with the hostel’s rooms is that there is no air conditioning, at least, not set on a cooler function. I was getting hot most nights which made it uncomfortable to sleep. So, to solve that, I left the window open. The windows are huge and let a lot of light in but the sounds of the ambulances is insane because they are louder than American ones. The noise from partiers is also a little obnoxious but that happened mainly on one night.

The bathrooms are separated by male and female bathrooms, the showers are separated. The bathrooms are small but they have enough room so that you can change in the stall while the showers are a little roomier but they don’t have shelves. It was kind of frustrating to have to keep opening the door to grab what I needed, getting water everywhere.

A great location if you don’t want to be around the center of the city. The great thing about this hostel is that it is on the corner of the intersection and there are so many cute shops and restaurants that make living at the hostel so easy. There is a flea market called the Flohmarkt am Mauerpark which is a definite must if you are in that area, it is about a twenty-minute walk. There is a park that is about five minutes or less from the hostel as well that is super cute. The U-bahn (subway) is right outside the hostel which is so nice and easy to get to other locations.

Image may contain: foodImage may contain: food

This is a selection of the breakfast that you can get at the hotel using a voucher or paying about 5-10 euros (I think). My absolute favorite thing to get was the yogurt with the chocolate and granola mix. It was so good and refreshing in the morning. There weren’t any warm foods, a lot of cold cuts and fruit. You could toast the bread but that was the only “warm” food. Orange juice and coffee are non-refillable so you would need to pay for another glass. Water is free. You can get other sandwiches and goods which are made fresh every day from their display.

Let me know if you have questions!


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