Review: World Market Soaps | Sensitive Skin Friendly


For anyone who has followed me for a long time, you know that my skin has just been overly sensitive to a lot of chemicals in hygiene products. I am happy to say that I found a soap that really does not make my skin itch or red. This is the “higher-end” version of the Irish Spring soap that I usually get, which I also recommend!

Packaging: I wish that it wasn’t plastic, but I do appreciate that you can smell the scent in store before purchase. All the soaps are pretty fragrant but naturally and you can’t smell any chemicals. The label is just beautiful. I love me a good label which is 99% of why I reach for something that I have never used before.

Durability: I think that it depends on how many showers you tend to take in a given time. I take showers 4-7 times a week. I would say that to completely finish the soap off, a month and a half. If you are talking about the soap being whole until it falls to pieces, I would say a month.

Pigmentation: The color does not transfer to the skin, which I would be concerned if it did, and lathers a little but not too much.

Budget: 5.99. This is something I am willing to splurge on in order to make sure that my skin is not reacting to some cheap soap.

My goal is to use my mass amount of shampoo, conditioner, face products, etc. so that I can really focus on what I like to use and that actually works for me. Of course, I still love to try new things but as I am reaching the end of my college journey, I am trying to downsize a lot of stuff.

Pro-Tip: Sign up for the World Market rewards so that you can get discounts and coupons for items or purchases. I love it when my sister gets $10 off of $30 coupons. You don’t have to have a card, they can look it up on your phone!

Also, the soap pictured is my absolute favorite! The other one I like is the blue one that has Water Lily (I think). But, find the one that speaks to you! Or should I say…smells to you?


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