Wanderlust #17: How I Got to Travel to Berlin

This is way overdue when it comes to updating everyone but I am so excited to share my Berlin adventures. I had a summer of fun and hard work and I am just getting around to talking about Berlin. Boy, do I have a lot to talk about! There is a whole series of Berlin blog posts I have cooking in my head so that I can share them with you. Now, how did I get to go to Berlin? I actually didn’t think that I would have the chance to travel internationally because my plan for the summer involved a summer job and summer school.  Thankfully, an opportunity came my way that I hadn’t expected. I was working on a short film project one weekend and talking to my friend, a wig and makeup artist, and she mentioned how she was going to Berlin for a short film with a group of people from the school.

I asked her if they had someone who was going to do wardrobe and she told me that they hadn’t thought of using someone. I texted the co-producer, someone I had worked with before, and he told me the basics. I told him that I was in almost instantly. Logistically, I knew how to get somewhere on my own and it didn’t worry me since I traveled to Italy and London last year, solo for a month and a half. I asked my wig and makeup friend where she bought her ticket. I used WOW Air which saves you a ton of money. My flight to was about $320-330 and my flight back was about the same amount. In total, I spent around $750 which was a huge steal. I can give you all specific amounts if you really want it. I also purchased my hostel stay which was about $500 for two weeks. Miscellaneous costs were food, transit, and personal gifts.

How did I pay for it though? Well, I will be absolutely honest, I used my student loan money that I had from my refund check. I find that it is absolutely justifiable in this way because I am using it as a school expense. I went to the bank to get euros ahead of time so that I wouldn’t have to struggle to try to get money later upon arrival.

I hope that this gives you all some insight and I will be talking about WOW Air because it is important to really be able to save money and I think that they are worth it! (not sponsored) So, let me know where your favorite place to travel has been, domestic or international!

Let me know where your favorite place to travel has been, domestic or international!


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