Snow For Days…


Surprise! You get a life post. I will probably do these along with my usual Saturday post. Enjoy.

Too bad the snow is causing me to go in this weekend to work on production needs. Sadly, this means that I will miss a Pokemon Go community event and a friend’s birthday dinner but that’s life. It was fun while it lasted, you know? We ended up getting a total of 6 inches after it had fully stopped snowing. Living in North Carolina and getting this much snow means that the whole state just doesn’t know what to do with itself.


The snow was really fluffy this go-around. Yesterday, I hardly did homework but I did a little bit thinking I was going in today. Thankfully, the school has continued to stay closed and I have been working a little to catch up. My sister and I have been snowed in and enjoying our days at home. Tomorrow, school is canceled until 10 a.m. but that doesn’t mean I am off the hook. I am taking a guest artist we have had to the airport since my professor has a class to teach. You would think that it is odd but it really isn’t. My school is different in the ways that professors and students interact and we are more integrated to¬†treating each other as equals which are not always the case.

Snow days in NC = CLOSED. I am sure it is hilarious to Northerners who think this is nothing.

How has your day been?

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2 thoughts on “Snow For Days…

  1. I’m in Virginia and the second a single snowflake falls, people freak out! LOL. They actually closed schools yesterday and the snow didn’t start falling until late afternoon! I don’t see why they couldn’t have just gone to school and gotten out early, ya know?


    1. Sorry for the late reply! Yes, I totally understand that. I just wish snow would start in the middle of the night so everyone is not antsy waiting for snow that may or may not happen lol

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