ShopaHAULic 38!! | Dreamy Mermaid Haul


Black Friday shopping was not really that fruitful for me. I purchased a Google Home Mini but that was about it. Cyber Monday was on top of it this year! I decided to purchase from Seatail Shop. I have purchased a gray mermaid knit tail from Mermaid Julie, the owner of Seatail Shop, and she gifted me a gold mermaid infinity necklace. So, when she had 40-80% off on her website, I couldn’t resist.


The thing that had me adding things to my cart left and right were the seashell headphones. They were FREE. All you had to pay was shipping. So, how to avoid that? Spend $29 and get free shipping. I fell into the hole and got two necklaces: a gold bar necklace that has “mermaid” in a script font and a silver infinity mermaid necklace. I also purchased mermaid bath bombs.

IMG_3131  IMG_3129IMG_3127IMG_3133

First impressions of the headphones, in case you were wondering, are that they are comfy even though they don’t come with the different sizes of silicone earpieces. The necklaces are probably going to be my favorite thing since I wear the gold mermaid necklace all the time. The bath bombs are possible the best thing for the winter since I plan to take many baths on my winter break.


Mermaid Infinity Necklace 
Mermaid Bar Necklace
Mermaid Bath Bomb Set
Seashell Earbuds

Holler at ya girl if you have any questions about Seatail! I love the store and I love that they donate to charity.

This post is not sponsored. I purchased all items (aside from headphones which were free in the shop already). All opinions are my own.

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