Concert Experience: John Mayer


20904319_10210196617537210_2069248051_oYou will have to excuse the blurriness of these images since my sister and I were in the far back on the lawn. Free concert though, am I right? My sister messaged me while she was at work and asked me if I wanted to go to a free concert. I asked her for all the details and she won a raffle from a radio station. She told me that it was in our hometown and it was going to be the following day. A free John Mayer concert is something hard to turn down. I do like his music but had no idea that he was on tour. I listened to his music that Monday and then on Tuesday for a little bit. We headed down, me eating Chipotle (what’s new?) and her eating Jimmy John’s. Traffic was okay for the most part but the traffic in the vicinity was atrocious.

20906993_10210196618097224_1405376236_o (1)Finally, at the outside concert venue, we realized that the tickets we won were on the lawn. Thankfully, lawn chairs were for rental and I spent $10 to rent them. We parked our butts on the lawn where there was some space.  The crowd grew and I ended up getting Dippin’ Dots while we were waiting. I got as comfortable as possible in my lawn chair and sat throughout most of the concert. Why did I sit throughout most of the concert?

20930231_10210196618057223_1994686340_oTo be honest, I couldn’t see him, he was an ant. I didn’t feel that there was a need to stand when you couldn’t even see John Mayer. The screens up near the stage were still hard to see. The one time I did get up is when my sister practically pulled me up and I was in absolute awe of the sea of lights in the crowd. John Mayer sang beautifully and thanked everyone for the amazing work that he has had the chance to play for the past 10+ years. He knows that this recent album isn’t skyrocketing but it isn’t about that kind of recognition, it is the fans’ support that keeps him moving. Over 1000 of us were there that night and I won’t forget that.

On the minus, we were stuck in traffic to get out of the venue and then got stuck in road construction, making our one hour trip into two hours. We didn’t get home until 2 am but it was definitely a night to remember.


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