Wanderlust #20: Anastasia on Broadway


I reunited with my sister after a couple of days to meet up with her and her friends. I cannot even begin to express how beautiful this musical was. It had the perfect mix of traditional-childhood and brand new. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. My favorite costume was the queen’s/tsarina’s because it had the most beautiful long cape that just trailed across the floor. Even though I was in the mezzanine, the costume was the most amazing out of them all. The one thing I am most disappointed in is Anastasia’s final look, you know, the yellow gown that we all know from childhood. However, she came out in a red dress that kind of made her look short from the mezzanine. I looked into the concepts of the costumes and found that the red was meant to represent the color of royalty.

Overall, the impact of using history added more depth to the musical but I found myself falling in and out of the story. I think that if I had been closer then I would have a better perspective. I think that I will definitely go back to see this musical again. Out of all the musicals I have seen that is stemmed from a childhood movie, this was the best interpretation because it had something new for audiences but still kept a lot of the heart of the material.

IMG_1223(Onee-chama is just an old nickname, so just ignore that on the snapchat lol)


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