Review: Alternatives to Bras

If you are weirded out by talking about nipples, then this might not be for you but come back next week and I will see you then!

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but wearing bras creates odd indentions or marks on the body. Yes, I do wear the right size bra, but it still binds me. Maybe, I am wrong? What I do know is that I love to wear nipple covers now. I would like to talk about my experience with the “chicken cutlets” and nipple covers that I have tried out. I cannot say enough how important it is to invest in nipple covers, especially since the skin is so sensitive.

Image result for chicken cutlet bra

The “Chicken Cutlet”
This is the very first non-bra that I ever purchased because I had a dress that had a lace back. I think that if you are new to the world of going braless that this is a great way to dip your toes in. I think that it is fine and it does stick but I do not feel the “lift” action that it claims. It would stay together in the center but the inner 1/4 of the sticky bra, the cups were not stuck to my skin at all. I think it is also not meant to stick if you have a B-cup or smaller. I think that if you have a larger breast cup size that it will do some cleavage action but still not lift. But, the material is really well made if you do invest.

Image result for nipple coversThe Disposable Ones
Remember how I mentioned how important it is to invest? Well, I have to say that these are the worst, for me. I have sensitive skin and am allergic to latex and while band-aids have latex-free versions, I have yet to find band-aid like nippies that are latex free. I bought a 40 pack to take with me to Berlin because they are disposable but they were horrid. I ended up scratching them off because my skin became red. They are also a struggle for me to put on because they do not curve as well as I would have thought. I think that if you cut the petals to the point of the nipple fabric cover that you could make it lay flat. I have a whole bunch of some like these that I have no clue what to do with. I wish that these had worked because they are so convenient in terms of disposal.

Image result for hollywood nipple covers“The Common One”
These are probably the most common and accessible nippies that you can find in stores. They are small in terms of covering your nipple. I find that they just cover my nipple, when relaxed, and that is a bit frustrating. These do stay on no matter what. Sometimes they pucker around the edges because they are not laying right or because I put them on when my nipple is “perky.” These are not fully opaque so if your nipple is really dark, you can probably still see it through light clothing. The “outside” material has a sheen and the inside material is ribbed. They are easy to clean with warm water and soap. I let these air dry in my bathroom and use them the next day. I think that these are really affordable at $12.99. I like that they are easily accessible.

Image result for nippies skin
The Holy Grail (with one flaw)
This is by Nippies Skin and my absolute favorite. I purchased these based on reviews from Amazon. I purchased the medium color and I will be purchasing these in the future. They are the most expensive of all the options landing around $20+ but they are worth it. They cover my nipples and more. I have had mine for over 3 months now and wear them every day when I am out. They stay on the whole day, even in the worst heat. My only problem is that under certain tops that you can see the outline of the nippie which sucks when you don’t realize it until the sun hits you. I just know now to wear a bra with those tops though.

Do you like to wear nippies? What is your favorite brand? Have any questions? Leave them down below!


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