Wanderlust #19: Tourist Eyes in New York


Out of all the things I wanted to do in New York, the Seaglass Carousel was the number one thing that had to happen. If you don’t know what Seaglass Carousel is, it is a carousel that is in Battery Park near the Staten Island Ferry. The carousel has four rotating boards that have large fish that you can sit in. The carousel lasts 3 minutes and it is the most magical thing. I wish I could have gone at night but when I did, they were closed (definitely supposed to be open but they closed early) but I did enjoy the daytime visit.

IMG_1189 - Edited

After hanging out around the Seaglass Carousel, where I purchased some cool souvenirs, we went to MoMa and the Metropolitan Museum. I had Anastasia this night so we were tight on time but we made it work. I saw all of MoMa, something you can do in a couple of hours, but only got through a small portion of the Met. I saw a beautiful exhibit that included what Rihanna wore to The Met Gala. Really interesting and structural pieces.

I did get to relive my dream of sitting on the Met steps from Gossip Girl. I wish I could have been on the steps a little bit longer and spend some time just enjoying New York in that way.



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