Wanderlust #17: I Found New York

IMG_1108(This photo is grainy but my friend took this photo of me when we finally reunited and it makes me happy because I was really feeling all the love.)

I am trying to catch up on letting you all know of my awesome adventures that I had this past summer! It will be a while before I hit the very end but I hope that you will enjoy all of them. My sister, a while back, brought up going to see Anastasia on Broadway and how could I say no? The day came when my sister and I traveled to our hometown and met up with everyone there. We got on our plane around 2:00 pm and arrived around 5:30 pm.

I arrived at LGA in New York and took a cab to my friend’s apartment. I had never been in a cab before and was surprised that it isn’t as scary as I once thought. I got to my friend’s place but she was at work. I walked next door and asked for the keys from the shop owner. I went inside her apartment and got settled. She sent an Uber for me around 10:00 pm, I think, and I went to where she worked. The restaurant (I won’t mention it since I don’t want to reveal where she works for privacy. Hope you understand!) was chill with nice ambiance. I ate some very fancy food and she even paid for it. I appreciated that very much. We decided to walk through the city and we ended up at a boba cafe.


But, you know, one boba drink is just not enough. I went through Chinatown the following day and explored the early morning. Store owners were unloading their trucks and getting their shops ready for customers. I went through Little Italy and explored some of that as well. I stayed behind at my friend’s place until she got back from work around 7:00 pm.


My friend is someone I have known since 2012 and we have been through the good and bad times. I was sad to know that she was moving to New York back in 2015. I made her this pillow and it had seen better days. On the left is the wear and tear on the pillow but I stitched it back up. Still don’t know where that “R” disappeared to, though.


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