Romper Me This

Whew, long time no fashion post! I haven’t posted much on the fashion side of this blog because of myself. I have been working to really accept my body for where I am and where I am going with it. I have always been self conscious about my body so when I feel good, you will know it. I just love rompers and they always make me feel good. My collection is actually growing a lot! This romper is from Primark and I got it in Berlin, Germany, when I was there costume designing a short film. It was only 8 euros! Can you believe it? Primark is like cheap side of Forever 21 prices with H&M quality.


Romper | Primark | A lovely ruffled neckline that can be off-the-shoulder or scoop neck. The vertical lines are really nice because they make me appear smaller…at least, in my opinion.
Shoes | The Buckle, Inc. | Love my gladiator sandals like no one else.
Ear Cuff | Forever 21 |
Necklace | Seatail Shop | One of my favorite necklaces! I got this as a gift from the shop owner, Julie. She is the sweetest and has a wonderful shop! Please send her some love.
Bracelet-Ring Duo | Forever 21 |
Clutch | Charming Charlie

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