Concert Experience: Broods




love Broods and have since their song “Coattails” came on my Spotify. I was surprised to find that they were on tour and begged my sister (I bought her ticket) to take me. She was happily surprised, thankfully, and it was a concert to remember. The idea of seeing this concert excited me because it was a smaller venue and by a band whom I loved. Michl (yup, that’s how it is spelled), the opening act, was awesome! He had such an interesting voice and performing vibe. During most of his set, you couldn’t see his face and I thought that it was interesting because it really allowed me to focus on his voice and not what he looked like.

Broods came on and literally killed it with every song. I was so happy and moving a little throughout the whole concert. Georgia, the lead singer, danced around and because my sister and I were “second-row” in general admission we got to really see the whole band up close. Honestly, I can’t even explain how much this concert meant to me to really feel the music and let it move my body and be a little more carefree. I loved it.

What has been your favorite concert of 2017? Are you seeing any later this year?

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