Introvert at a Concert | Tips to Help

Introverts at a Concert

If you love artists as much as I do, you would love to see them but it isn’t helpful when you get anxiety in large crowds and don’t move like everyone else. It is overwhelming to all senses with the music, people, and possible danger when it comes to being at a concert. I have been to a couple, you can read those experiences at the end of this post. I hope that these tips will help you stay calm and enjoy the experience as much as possible.

  1. Go with friends | If you have similar interests and the people you go with understand how you are in crowds, this will make life easier. I admit that I have complained through the night because of the crowds but my sister, my concert buddy, understands how I am in crowds. I just need space and it is hard when there are so many people.
  2. In the seats | If you are in the sectioned areas that have seats, take advantage of those seats to just take a moment to rest when the artist has just finished a song. You can also use it to just calm yourself down without drawing too much attention. I also appreciated having seats because my feet hurt badly through all the standing. I will say that I didn’t really like the concert experience in the seats though because it didn’t feel as intimate. You can read about that in my Ellie Goulding experience, below.
  3. In the pit | You get an amazing experience being relatively or really close to the artist. However, people are dancing and having fun so you will get bumped into constantly. I am a concert goer who stands still like a statue. A girl actually asked to take my hand twice, I gave it to her twice, and she tried to get me to dance. Not my thing. I appreciated her effort though.
  4. Venue is key | The crowds can be good or bad but you can’t really control that. You can, however, think about the venue that you are going to and how you will do. I love smaller venues because I am closer to the artist and the people aren’t as “inconsiderate”. By inconsiderate, I mean that in a smaller venue, people are less likely to bump into you or take up a large amount of space to dance with their arms out wide. However, this is not a proven fact, just what I have observed in the past. I am not picky about venue and will only go to a large venue if I really love the artist. The only artist I can say that I would do that is for Taylor Swift.
  5. Cash | Don’t bring too much cash with you. $20 should suffice and make sure that you check how much parking is. Also, check if the venue has a fee. I didn’t bring my ID because I thought I wouldn’t need it but the door charged a $3 fee if you weren’t over 21. I definitely was but ended up having to pay for it anyway. Also, most merch places accept cash and, if they don’t, buy what you want online.
  6. Belongings | If you can keep to a small wristlet or small hipster bag, that would be ideal. I, now, only bring my essentials such as my ID, cash, debit card, credit card, phone, possibly a camera, phone charger, chapstick, and my kitty defender keychain.
  7.  Merch | Band merch is awesome but are overpriced a lot of the time. I would say that if it is a band tee that is really awesome, go for it. I generally purchase a t-shirt and poster if they got it. If I can get the items online then I decide to just wait and if I really want it, will purchase it.
  8. Concessions | Keep in mind that you may need to use the bathroom at some point. I will say that water is something that is good to have at a concert because you will get dehydrated from either your singing at the top of your lungs or the body heat around you.

I hope that this helps! You can read about some of my concert experiences below! Any tips? What has been your favorite concert?

Christina Perri Concert Experience
Ellie Goulding Concert Experience
Bastille Concert Experience
Glass Animals Concert Experience
Broods Concert Experience

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