3 Youtubers That Inspire Me

It has been a long time since I have posted something about YouTube and the inspiration I gain from it. I watch YouTube almost every single day. For me, it is a creative network that I can look to so that I can fuel my blog, life, and just thoughts. YouTube has become such a huge influence in the world and recently, it has been even more of an inspiration. There are 3 YouTubers who are influencing me in the sense of representation, creative style, and generally feel good emotions. They are also amazing fashion, beauty, and lifestyle YouTubes who you should follow if you haven’t already!


The 3 Youtubers are:
ilikeweylie | Weylie Hoang | Weylie’s YouTube Channel| Weylie’s Instagram
clothesencounters | Jenn Im | Jenn’s YouTube Channel | Jenn’s Instagram
sophiachang | Sophia Chang | Sophia’s YouTube | Sophia’s Instagram

All three ladies are inspiring and I just wanted to write this post in appreciation to how they make me, an Asian American woman, feel and grow as a person.

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Weylie is someone you may know from her tampon instructional video. I started to watch Weylie, probably in 2015, and was inspired by her attitude and happy demeanor. I also watch her vlogs with her boyfriend Wah, and they are very open about their relationship and life. Weylie is that person who can really give you some advice and it resonates and is coming from a good place. She is like an online sister who checks in with you every week or couple of days. I feel like I can watch her videos and really feel at ease with where I am in my life because Weylie, maybe she just doesn’t know it, but she has a way of saying things that really helps me out in times of stress or unknown future.

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Jenn is seriously such a cool girl that has a great sense of style (I mean, all these girls do!) and is there to be a positive force. I feel like Jenn is someone who really puts others first. By watching her videos, she really loves to explore and keep things fresh for herself and for her content on YouTube. Her soon-to-be husband, Ben, is so sweet and they are a strong duo. I just can’t wait to continue watching her videos and being influenced by her personality and videos.

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Sophia is the girl who could literally beat some sense into you. She is a bad-a kind of gal who I feel could be in your corner if you needed a friend. I love the dynamic between her and Weylie because she is someone who can bring out your wild side and make you laugh like crazy. All three girls combined creates an even crazier, amazing, dynamic that I love and envy to have with my own friends. I love her free spirit, awesome tattoos, and no B-S kind of life. She is an inspiration and her videos are just masterpieces.


All three ladies combined create such an awesome trio of ladies who represent Asian Americans in a way that I think relates to a lot of us out there. I seriously cannot wait to see more of their videos and become motivated to really be okay with who I am, what I look like, and being creative.


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