Concert Experience: Glass Animals

For a band that has an interesting name, their songs are even more so. I will say that their music gives me some kind of free flowing and chilled out vibes. I actually wasn’t a big fan of their most well-known song, “Gooey”. However, in the past year, I heard other songs from them on the show Reign and I fell in love. My favorites are “Black Mambo” and “Toes”.

The concert itself was amazing. They came out in full force after their opening act, Lo Moon. I came part way into their set but their music is something that I think would grow on me. Glass Animals, although the venue I went to was an amphitheater, felt intimate in the pit. This is the same venue I went to see Ellie Goulding and disliked the experience entirely.

The music was great but the people were a little too eccentric and space hungry for my taste. I think that even in a public place like a concert where people are grooving and moving, it isn’t that hard to still be considerate of the people around you. A girl at two points towards the end of the concert tapped my shoulder and held hands with me in an attempt to get me to dance. I felt awkward that a random stranger wanted to hold hands but she was just trying to get me to move since I stood like a tree the whole time without moving.

Aside from the people, the music has a chilled-out kind of vibe. However, the band adds this amazing energy that just envelopes you into their world.

Overall, a great experience with Glass Animals.


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