The New Look of The Mermaid Network


As some of you know, I have been blogging since 2010 and I have had my theme for about 3-4 years. I think it was time for a change. I am a person who does get tired rather quickly of things that don’t really suit who I am. I felt for a long time that I had what I loved in The Mermaid Network but it became so many things shoved into one. So, I decided to make things super easy for constant and new readers. I also want to continue to evolve with The Mermaid Network. Starting a blog at 17 has a different perspective than having worked on a blog and continuing at the age of 24. I am hoping to keep up with the changes in myself and with the world around me.

The new layout, there are clear categories now at the upper right-hand corner. The search bar is in the center for easy access to type in any keywords you are looking for. The feed is now very much like Instagram style in squares. I am a huge fan of Instagram and update that most often above all other social media. So, my theme reflects that kind of feel. I also have all of what is normally in the sidebar down below so that it isn’t too visually stimulating.

I hope that this will lessen the confusion on my site! I know that school has been keeping me away from The Mermaid Network. My decision was a no-brainer because school is important to me but I love to keep in contact with everyone.

Let me know what you want to see on The Mermaid Network and I will try to make that happen.


Find me:
Facebook: The Mermaid Network
Twitter: @MermaidNetwork
Instagram: @themermaidnetwork
Snapchat: @mermaidnetwork

What do you think?

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