Wanderlust #16: What’s in my Fanny Pack?


Fanny packs are my favorite thing to have when I travel because my hands are free and I can carry other bags or get my food from somewhere in the airport. Some of my essentials are pictured above!


Passport | Seriously, the scariest thing to forget but if you keep it always in your fanny pack, it is on you and not in a bag.

Phone | Putting your phone in your fanny pack will make everyone happy. I don’t check my phone unless the line is so long and I know that I can spend a couple of minutes checking Instagram or something.

Phone Charger + Battery Pack | This is important if you don’t have a charging dock in the airplane or the kiosks at the airport are full.

Mints | If you want to get wisps, that is cool too, but mints are super easy to travel with and they are not liquid! The one pictured above is the Ampelmannchen mints that I bought in Berlin.

Itineraries | Printing off your flight itineraries makes life easier when technology fails you. You can also snapshot them so that they are on your phone.

Kitty Defender | As a female, it is better safe than sorry, the first time I left internationally my sister purchased this for me so that I could be safe. I am happy to say that I haven’t had to use it yet but it is a great source for calming anxiety. Sadly, they don’t sell it on Amazon anymore but I am sure you can find a dupe elsewhere.

Headphones | I cannot tell you how nice it is to just plug in your headphones and ignore the world. I think I would love to get noise canceling headphones but I am content with the ones I have now.

What are your essentials? Let me know in the comments!


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